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Interchangeable pom pom pillows

These luxury pillows are made with premium fabrics and are hand sewn individual pieces of art. Each pom pillow comes with a set of snap-on pom poms (single pom for the JUNIOR pillows), a custom pillow cover, and a 100% down plush pillow insert.  Each pom pillow has the ability to be interactive and customizable by changing the pom pom colours. Purchase multiple sets of pom poms and you can switch up the look of your pillows whenever you like! They really are the most versatile luxury pillow on the market. For more pom combinations and colours, simply shop our 'pom poms' section and take your pillows to the next level! Who knows how many colour combinations you can come up with?! 


Our poms are 100% faux fur

 Although our pom poms are extremely soft and fluffy, they are 100% faux fur because we love our fur babies way too much! 🐾


Behind the Brand

Pom pillows are about having a versatile product that allows you to easily change up your decor in a snap! Created by Interior Designer, Melanie Domski. Melanie is always looking to switch things up in a home and refresh a space, and that's when the idea for pom pillows was born!  Mother of three wonderful children, she knew a kids version of the pillow would be fun too, and pom pillows JUNIOR had to be a part of the collection. Her children love playing with their pom pillow JUNIORS and are always wanting to change up the colours to refresh their bedroom decor. Great fun for kids! 

Since the first collection of pom pillows were released online in 2019, Melanie has worked to create many custom pieces and one of a kind designs. The newest collections are what we call "pom free" pillows. They are still unique , but add to the versatility of the collection. She also creates hand painted fabrics for her clients who prefer their pillows to be unlike any others. Truly customized just for you. 

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All sales are final on all pom pillows, pom pillow JUNIORS and all poms. 

If your package arrives from Canada Post with a tear or damage of any kind , please immediately file a claim with Canada Post directly. 


 Your pom poms may get a little flattened during shipment. But no worries at all , we've got your back! Simply take a hair blow dryer (do not hold too close) and fluff the pom back up. Voila, back to its beautiful self in ten seconds! If you need to wash your pillow cover, simply remove your pom(s) and throw cover in the wash with cold water and gentle cycle . Best to hang to dry and iron on low.  


POM PILLOWS: Remove pom poms (unsnap) to wash covers. Wash on gently cycle, cool water and lay flat to dry. Cautiously iron on low if needed (do not iron velvet fabrics).

POM-FREE PILLOWS: Wash covers on gentle cycle, cool water and lay flat to dry. Cautiously iron on low if needed (do not iron velvet fabrics). 

HAND PAINTED PILLOWS: Spot clean only as paint may fade with harsh laundry detergents. For heavy soiling , turning cover inside out and hand wash gently. Lay flat to dry. Be aware the paint may potentially fade using this method as well, do so at own risk. 

POM HATS: Remove pom pom (unsnap) to wash. Wash on gentle cycle, cool water and lay flat to dry (press hat into shape when laying out to dry).