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Looking for Custom?

We can design it

Have a colour scheme in your home that you would love some custom pom pillows to match? Great! Our Interior Design team can make that happen. We can do anything! Not all of our designs have pom poms on them. If you prefer throw pillows without the poms, we can create that. Custom is what we do best. Send us a message through our home page:) 

Send us your designers picks

Working with an Interior Designer? Great! We can custom make any pillow from a fabric that your designer has chosen. Get in touch and we will make something unique and one of a kind! 

Tell us what you want

Is there something specific you have in mind? A favorite fabric? An idea? Fantastic we can do it for you! Send us an email through our home page. 

Also check out all of Melanie's Interior Design picks under "Shop" and click on the category "Home Decor & Furnishings".  Beautiful finds, professionally selected.